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General Information

The CF-29 is now discontinued and superceeded by the CF-30.

PDF datasheet for CF-29 mk4

Panasonic Toughbook Configurator click "discontinued models" for info on the CF-29 configurations. Note you must use Internet Explorer to use the site, it doesn't work on Firefox.

Model breakdown

The CF-29 has marks or generations defined by the sixth digit in the model number (eg. CF-29LAQCZBM) on the bottom of a CF-29 unit.

CF-29 Model Breakdown
Mark Model CPU RAM HD Notes
Mk 1 29C, 29D Pentium mobile 1.2GHz ULV 256MB onboard
1.2GB max
DDR-1 PC-2700
2.5" IDE/PATA D = no WiFi*
Mk 2 29E, 29F Pentium mobile 718 1.3Ghz 256MB onboard
1.2GB max
DDR-1 PC-2700
2.5" IDE/PATA F = no WiFi*
Mk 3 29H, 29J Pentium mobile 738 1.4GHz 2.5" IDE/PATA J = no WiFi*
Mk 4 29L, 29M Pentium mobile 778 1.6GHz 512MB onboard
1.5GB max
DDR-2 PC-3200
2.5" IDE/PATA M = no WiFi*
Mk 5 29N, 29P Pentium mobile 778 1.6GHz 2.5" IDE/PATA P = no WiFi*
  • = no WiFi, but miniPCI slot is open to add a card. **are the antenna leads present?**

Model nomenclature

CF-29 C T T G Z K M
Model Generation
C/D: mk1
E/F: mk2
H/J: mk3
L/M: mk4
N/P: mk5
LCD & Keyboard
3: 13.3" XGA
4: 13.3" XGA, w/rubber backlit kb
5: 13.3" XGA, dual connector
6: 13.3" XGA, w/rubber backlit kb - dual connector
A: 13.3" XGA, TS, emissive backlit kb
B: 13.3" XGA, emissive backlit kb
C: 13.3" XGA, TS, emissive backlit kb - dual connector
D: 13.3" XGA, emissve backlit kb - dual connector
M: 12.1" SVGA TS, backlit kb - dual connector
N: 13.3" XGA, TS, rubber backlit kb - dual connector
P: 12.1" XVGA TS, dual connector
Q: 13.3" XGA TS, dual connector
R: 12.1" SVGA TS
S: 12.1" SVGA TS, rubber backlit kb
T: 13.3" XGA TS
U: 13.3" XGA TS, SMK backlit kb
W: 13.3" XGA TS, rubber backlit kb
HD & on-board RAM
K: 40GB HD & 256MB RAM
L: 60GB HD & 256MB RAM
N: 40GB HD & 512MB RAM
P: 60GB HD & 512MB RAM
Q: 80GB HD & 512MB RAM
T: 40GB HD & 256MB RAM & Smartcard
U: 60GB HD & 512MB RAM & Smartcard
V: 60GB HD & 256MB RAM & Smartcard
W: 80GB HD & 512MB RAM & Smartcard
1: 40GB HD & 256MB RAM, Intrinsically safe
2: 60GB HD & 512MB RAM, Intrinsically safe
3: 60GB HD & 256MB RAM, Intrinsically safe
4: 80GB HD & 512MB RAM, Intrinsically safe
Media, LAN & BT
0: Floppy & Ethernet
A: Ethernet
B: DVD, Ethernet, BT
C: Floppy, Ethernet, BT
D: CD, Ethernet, BT
E: CDRW, Ethernet, BT
G: Floppy, Ethernet
H: DVD, Ethernet
K: CD, Ethernet
L: CDRW, Ethernet
M: Floppy, test interface
N: Floppy, HDD & battery security screws
5: Salt Resistant
A: EVDO Sprint
<1.2GHz: CDPD
C: EVDO Verizon
<1.3GHz: 1xRTT
D: CDMA Sprint
E: CDMA Alltel & GPS
<1.3GHz: GPRS AT&T
F: GPRS Cingular
G: GPRS T-Mobile
J: CDMA Verizon & GPS
K: CDMA Sprint & GPS
M: GPRS Cingular & GPS
N: EVDO Sprint & GPS
<1.3GHz: GPRS T-Mobile
P: EVDO Verizon & GPS
<1.2GHz: CDPD & GPS
R: CDMA Verizon, no voice
S: CDMA Verizon, no voice & GPS
T: EDGE Cingular
U: EDGE Cingular & GPS
V: CDMA Alltel
W: Wireless ready & GPS
X: Wireless ready
Operating System
B: WinXP Pro SP2
D: Windows 2000
G: WinXP Pro MUI
K: WinXP Pro
Z: None
E: U.K.
F: France
G: Germany
M: USA & Canada
P: Spain
S: Sweden
T: Italy


Panasonic (Japan) site for CF-29 Toughbook drivers:

For alternatives, visit the Main Page:Drivers on the main page.


Service Manuals

Generic service manual: Panasonic Part #CPD0604068C1

CPD0311005P0: Parts Change Notice
CPD0403001S0: Supplement 1

Mods & Upgrades


Bluetooth OEM manual

Model Description Price Notes
CF-WBT291R Retrofit Bluetooth $306 MSRP
CF-WBT292R Retrofit Bluetooth for mk4 & mk5 $275 MSRP


Model Description Price Notes
CF-VPF05U 13.3" screen protector $79.00 MSRP


CF-29 aftermarket GPS by NBR's Toughbook

CF-29 GPS units
Model Description Price Picture Notes
CF-WGP291R GPS Retrofit $500 MSRP
CF-WGP292R WAAS GPS Retrofit $500 MSRP


Panasonic part #DFKH8009YA-0 is the CF-30 handle w/stylus holder

Hard drive

CF-29 Hard Drive Replacement


CF-29 Keyboards
Model Features Price Picture Notes
black, rubber, backlit $299 MSRP
While it's spill resistant, many users tell of ripped rubber while trying to clean the keyboard. Do not rub hard with a cloth while cleaning!!
regular keyboard $299 MSRP
black, chiclet, backlit $299 MSRP
CFWKB294C: French version



OEM CF-29 docks & vehicle mounts
Part Specs Street price Notes
CF-WEB2732 Vehicle port-replicator (USB 2.0)
CF-WEB2732CBL Vehicle Mount Port Replicator with Integrated High-Gain Antenna Pass Throughs (USB 2.0)
CF-WEB2912 Vehicle Mount Port Replicator with Integrated High-Gain Antenna Pass Throughs (USB 2.0)
Other docking station manufacturers
D&R Electronics
First Mobile Technologies
Gamber Johnson (Panasonic approved)
RAM Mounts

Optical drive (CD/DVD)

CF-27 / CF-28 / CF-29 Optical Drive Swap by NBR's Toughbook | Mod Toughness: Easy

CF-29 Optical drives
Part Specs Street price Notes
CF-VDR291U Combo drive DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW


AC adapter

CF-29 AC adapters
Part Specs Street price Notes
CF-AA1653AM 120-240Vac input
15.6Vdc @ 5A output
$54 MSRP Standard package, same as CF-50, CF-51, CF-73, CF-30
CF-AA1653ASM 120-240Vac input
15.6Vdc @ 5A output
MIL461 compliant.


CF-29 Batteries
Part Specs Street price Notes
CF-VZSU29 11.1V, 6.6 Ah $199 MSRP Blue tabbed. Same battery for CF-51
CF-VZSU29A 11.1V, 7.4 Ah Yellow tabbed. Same battery for CF-51
CF-VZSU1428W $209 Battery for media bay

Same battery as CF-27, CF-28

CF-29 Battery Chargers
Part Specs Street price Notes
CF-VCBTB1U $199 MSRP External battery charger

AC DC Adapters

CF-29 AC/DC Adapters
Part Input Output Street price Notes
CF-AAV1601AU 11-16Vdc $140 MSRP
Lind PA1555-655 11-16Vdc 15.6V @ 5.5A
$99.95 Standard package
Lind PA1555-771 11-16Vdc 15.6v @ 5.0A
$119.95 Standard package
Wide input voltage
Lind PA1560T-1506 11-16Vdc 15.6Vdc @ 5.5A
$139.95 Standard package
Timer turns off laptop 2 hours after vehicle turns off
Lind PA1630-1330 11-16Vdc 15.6Vdc @ 4.5A
$99.95 Ruggedized
with aircraft cable
Lind PA1650-1253 12-32Vdc 15.6v @ 5.0A
$119.95 Standard package


CF-29 only has a single RAM slot. The model number determines how much RAM is soldered on the motherboard. Older CF-29s have 256MB while the newer ones have 512MB. And the largest DDR/DDR-2 RAM module you can use officially is 1 GB. If you have a 2GB module, please try it out in your CF-29 and let us know if it works!

The mk4 and mk5 bottom RAM cover is different than the older models. While the cover will fit just fine, only three screw holes match up!

SD card reader

A CF-29 mk4/5 SD card reader can use up to and including, 8GB SDHC cards.

WLAN (WiFi / 802.11a/b/g)

Engenius EMP-8602+S | 802.11a/b/g | miniPCI | 400mW | datasheet

WWAN (Cellular)

Panasonic Toughbook support says that each WWAN module is locked to its specific carrier. That is, you cannot use a Cingular card on the Rogers network in Canada even though both use the same GSM technology.

Panasonic Canada says there is no HSDPA module for the CF-29 mk4 and below for the Rogers network. An unofficial quote told me it will cost about $500 in parts (antenna, mounting and sled) with a $75 install fee. If I want to install an available WWAN module.

The CF-29 mk5 uses a mini-PCI express card for its WWAN connection. CF-29 mk4 and below use a proprietary connector for its embedded modem and as such CDMA uses the Sierra Wireless SB555 embedded module.

WWAN Software

CF-29 WWAN modules
Part Specs Street price Notes
CF-WEW29004CR Cingular EDGE Retrofit $652 MSRP
CF-WEW29006SR Sprint EVDO Retrofit $778 MSRP
CF-WEW29006VR Verizon EVDO Retrofit $778 MSRP
CF-WEW29007CR HSDPA Retrofit for mk5 only $704 MSRP
CF-WEW29006 Sled only no modem $163.13 (Heartland)
CF-WEW29006A Verizon EVDO Rev. A $148.85 (Heartland)
CF-WEW29007CR HSDPA (unk carrier) $704 MSRP for CF-29 mk5 only
CF-VEW29G03WAAS AT&T EDGE & WAAS GPS, Wireless Ready $949 MSRP
CF-VEW29V03WAAS Verizon EVDO & WAAS GPS, Wireless Ready $949 MSRP
CF-VEW29V04WAAS Sprint EVDO & WAAS GPS, Wireless Ready $949 MSRP
CF-VEW29VG3 Verizon EVDO, Wireless Ready $499 MSRP
CF-VEW29VG4 Sprint EVDO, Wireless Ready $499 MSRP
CF-29 WWAN module availability
Carrier Type CF-29 <mk4 CF-29 mk5
Rogers (Canada) HSDPA No Yes
Bell/Telus (Canada) EVDO Rev 0 Yes, using Sierra Wireless SB555 embedded module. Turnkey kit not available from Panasonic. Bell/Telus will not activate foreign ESNs. Yes
Bell/Telus (Canada) EVDO Rev A No Yes.

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