CF-29 Hard Drive Replacement

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Required hardware
#00 Philips screwdriver
  1. There are three major parts to the CF-29 HD caddy
    • Metal caddy
    • Plastic & foam HD carrier, "damper"
    • Heater and HD connector strip
      All done!
  2. Four screws hold the top (Panasonic part DFHE5025XA.) Three on the connector side and one on the rear side with the plastic pull-tab. Remove the top cover and the HD assembly should come out easily.
  3. On the end opposite the copper flashing, there is a plastic flap under two foam blocks with adhesive holding it closed on either side. Carefully open the plastic HD carrier flap and slide the hard drive out.
    Slide in/out the HD
  4. Unwrap the heater coil from the HD and unplug the PATA connector. Reverse for HD installation. My cable was not keyed for install direction, so just remember the HD ribbon faces the bottom of the drive as in the picture.
    HD heater coil
  5. The caddy connector has two tabs that go into the metal caddy to hold it in place. Make sure both tabs are in before closing the caddy up.
    HD connector
  6. Close the caddy up by putting the cover on and screw in the four screws previously removed.
    All done!
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